Copyright Notice

All the authors, submitting their work to Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy (JMMB) for publication, agree to cede the first right to publication and republication in the JMMB.


  • The Author hereby cedes to JMMB, who accepts the cession, to the copyright in and to the paper.
  • The purpose of the cession is to enable JMMB to publish the Work, as first publisher world-wide, and for republication in the JMMB Journal, and to grant the right to others to publish the Work world-wide, for so long as such copyright subsists;
  • JMMB shall be entitled to edit the work before publication, as it deems fit, subject to the Authors approval;
  • The Author warrants to JMMB that:
    • the Author is the owner of the copyright in the Work, whether as author or as reassigned from the Author’s employee and that the Author is entitled to cede the copyright to JMMB;
    • the paper (or any of its part) is not submitted or accepted for publication in any other Journal;
    • the Work is an original work created by the Author;
    • the Author has not transferred, ceded, or assigned the copyright, or any part thereof, to any third party; or granted any third party a licence or other right to the copyright, which may affect or detract from the rights granted to JMMB in terms of this agreement.
  • The Author hereby indentifies the JMMB as a body and its individual members, to the fullest extent permitted in law, against all or any claims which may arise consequent to the warranties set forth.
  • No monetary consideration shall be payable by JMMB to the Author for the cession, but JMMB shall clearly identify the Author as having produced the Work and ensure that due recognition is given to the Author in any publication of the Work.
  • Should JMMB, in its sole discretion, elect not to publish the Work within 1 year after the date of this agreement, the cession shall lapse and be of no further effect. In such event the copyright shall revert to the Author and JMMB shall not publish the Work, or any part thereof, without the Author’s prior written consent.