V.N.H. Nguyen, S.J. Song, M.S. Lee

Selective precipitation of ammonium hexachloropalladate from leaching solutions of cemented palladium with zinc

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall., 58 (2) (2022) 311-319 DOI:10.2298/JMMB220208013N
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Available online 27 June 2022
(Received 08 February 2022; Accepted 26 June 2022)


Palladium (Pd) present in spent electroplating solutions is concentrated by cementation with zinc (Zn) metal powder. Therefore, it is necessary to recover Pd from the cemented Pd. In this work, recovery of pure Pd(IV) compounds from the leaching solutions of the cemented Pd was investigated by using selective precipitation method. It was found that the existence of Pd(IV) in the aqueous solutions is critical for the precipitation with NH4Cl. Precipitation experiments of Pd(IV) from the synthetic aqua regia solution containing Pd(IV) and Zn(II) was tested. Afterwards, the optimum precipitation conditions were applied to recover Pd(IV) precipitates from the real H2SO4 and HCl leaching solutions containing NaClO as an oxidizing agent. The selective precipitation resulted in the recovery of extra pure (NH4)2PdCl6 from real leaching solutions under the conditions of 1:30 molar ratio of Pd(IV) to NH4Cl at 60oC within 30 min. The precipitation percentage of Pd(IV) from the H2SO4 and HCl solutions was over 99.9 and 98.2%, respectively. A simple hydrometallurgical process consisting of cementation, leaching, and precipitation was proposed for the recovery of pure Pd(IV) compounds from spent electroplating solution.

Keywords: Precipitation; Cemented Pd; Ammonium hexachloropalladate; Spent electroplating solution; Recovery

Correspondence Address:
M.S. Lee,
Department of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering,
Institute of Rare Metal, Mokpo National University, Republic of Korea,
email: mslee@mokpo.ac.kr



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