M. M. Barjesteh, S. M. Abbasi, K. Z. Madara, K. Shirvani

Creep rupture properties of bare and coated polycrystalline nickel-based superalloy Rene®80

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall., 57 (3) (2021) 401-412 DOI:10.2298/JMMB201203036B
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Available online 03 September 2021
(Received 03 December 2020; Accepted 01 August 2021)


Creep deformation is one of the life time limiting reasons for gas turbine parts subjected to stresses at elevated temperatures. In this study, creep rupture behavior of uncoated and platinum-aluminide coated Rene®80 has been determined at 760°C/657 MPa, 871°C/343 MPa and 982°C/190 Mpa in air. For this purpose, an initial layer of platinum with a thickness of 6µm was applied on the creep specimens. Subsequently, the aluminizing coatings were formed in the conventional pack cementation method via the Low Temperature-High Activity (LTHA) and High Temperature-Low Activity (HTLA) processes. Results of creep-rupture tests showed a decrease in resistance to creep rupture of coated specimen, compared to the uncoated ones. The reductions in rupture lives in LTHA and HTLA methods at 760°C/657 MPa, 871°C/343 MPa and 982 °C/190 MPa were almost (26% and 41.8%), (27.6% and 38.5%) and (22.4% and 40.3%), respectively, compared to the uncoated ones. However, the HTLA aluminizing method showed an intense reduction in creep life. Results of fractographic studies on coated and uncoated specimens indicated a combination of ductile and brittle failure mechanisms for all samples. Although the base failure mode in substrate was grain boundary voids, cracks initiated from coating at 760°C/657MPa and 871°C/343. No cracking in the coating was observed at 982°C/190MPa.

Keywords: Rene®80; Platinum-aluminide; Creep rupture; Larson-Miller parameter; Fractography

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M.M. Barjesteh,
a Malek Ashtar University of Technology (MUT), Faculty of Material and Manufacturing Technologies, Tehran, Iran;,
email: mmbarjesteh@yahoo.com



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