Y. Yu, H.-J. Li, L. Li

Reduction behavior of tin-containing phase in tin-bearing iron concentrates under CO-CO2 mixed gases

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. 55 (2) B (2019) 177-185. DOI:10.2298/JMMB181121025Y
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The main purpose of this study was to ascertain the reduction behavior of tin phase (SnO2) in tin-bearing iron concentrates at the respective temperature of 1273 and 1373 K in diverse CO-CO2 mixed gases using chemical analysis, XRD, and SEMEDS analysis. The results show that the reduction behavior of SnO2 depends on the roasting temperature and CO content. At 1273 K, the SnO2 will be reduced to Sn (l) with the CO content being higher than 17.26 vol%, and there is no formation of SnO(s). With the temperature increased to 1373 K, the SnO2 is reduced stepwise in the order to form SnO2 → SnO (l) → Sn(l) with CO content over 15.75 vol%. The kinetic study shows that activation energy of the reaction SnO2(s)+CO(g)=Sn(l)+ CO2(g) is 144.75 kJ/mol at 1073-1223 K, being far lower than the one in the reduction of SnO2(s) into SnO(g) at 1273-1323 K, which leads to a conclusion that the tin in tin-bearing iron concentrates could be removed effectively after the Sn(l) sulfurated into SnS at relatively lower temperatures (1073-1223 K) using the sulfidation roasting method.
Keywords: Reduction behavior; SnO2; CO-CO2 mixed gases; Kinetics; Tin-bearing iron concentrates

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